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Kicking off 2015…Better late than never!

Haha well so much for writing a post to kick off the new year!  I have to say, I take my hat off to those who work full-time, juggle a social life/family/relationship, AND blog regularly.  I know that part of it is really just making a mental commitment to posting, just like I make a mental commitment to get to the gym 4-5 days a week.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

Okay, so let me try to get back on track by re-capping a few things since my last post (nearly 3 months ago…Ahhh!). Pardon me while I spew random thoughts:

  • Work is going great. I may have mentioned before, but I handle admissions/business operations for a

    Caribbean-based medical school. I absolutely LOVE working with the students, especially when we get to have random chats via email on occasion. I had previously considered (and was accepted to) medical school, so I have a big interest in the ins-and-outs of it. Not to mention, I’m currently dating a 3rd year resident, so I have learned lots about how things work AFTER med school. Which brings me to my next thought…

  • I’ve been dating someone for going on four months now, and since I’ve been single most of my adult life, it’s been interesting to find my own personal balance being in a

    relationship. When you’re single, you’re the only person you have to factor on a daily basis. You don’t have to think about someone else’s feelings or schedule…BUT you also don’t get to experience the awesomeness that can come with sharing your life with someone who truly cares for you. Let me tell you, it is SO DIFFERENT when you are with someone who treats you like a real partner in life. This guy is really nothing short of amazing…and his dedication and passion for his career are so inspiring. It takes effort to make things work, of course…learning how to communicate, balancing busy schedules, figuring out what someone needs when they are stressed, figuring out how to talk about what you need, etc…but that’s kind of the fun part, in my opinion.

  • Speaking of busy schedules, I’ve also stared a Six Sigma management certification course. Basically, it focuses on process improvements, and reducing cost and waste in business. Really good stu

    Source: My Instagram hahah

    ff for business management whether it’s running your own business or being part of running someone else’s. Since the bf is studying intensely for his board certification exam, it’s perfect timing for me to be busy with this 🙂

  • In terms of diet/exercise, thankfully that hasn’t fallen off with the new relationship. I’m still getting to the gym at least 4 days most weeks and have been maintaining my strength. I have to say the most improvement lately has come from some small tweaks in my diet. Mainly, drinking more herbal tea, increasing veggie intake, and doing more vegetarian options. The herbal tea has helped keep my water intake up during the cold months, since I don’t always feel like chugging cold water when it’s 20 below with the wind chill, haha. And I’ve been adding lots of chickpeas and beans to my diet instead of always going for chicken. I’ll have to share some cool winter salad combos I’ve been coming up with!

Soooo, yeah! Those are a few things that have been going on in my life. Better late than never, right?!  (Actually, my motto is usually better never than late, hahaha I’m BIG on punctuality!).

But, it’s been a reminder that we are all human and can’t be perfect in all areas of our life at all times. I’ll leave off with a quote I remember from “Eat, Pray, Love:”

To lose balance sometimes for love is part of living a balanced life. -Elizabeth Gilbert

Ciao for now!