A long overdue Dry Brushing follow up

So I won’t beat around the bush…I’ve been slacking in the blog department. Since my last post, I had a major bedroom renovation (spackling, sanding, and painting is VERY time consuming!), had some birthday celebrations, a new roommate move in, and started an online course in financial markets through Yale (when I undertake a challenge, I go all the way, huh?!).

All of that being said, I do still want to make good on my promise to write more about dry brushing…

For starters, I must admit it’s challenging to add another step to one’s daily routine. I’ll confess that I haven’t been terribly consistent with body brushing…and I’ve been mildly more consistent with the face brushing.

So the results of my little study:

– Initially, I kind of broke out in these little bumps that looked somewhat like a heat rash. After doing a little online research, it’s either that I was brushing too vigorously or detoxing.

– Improved circulation, especially in hands and feet. I was noticeably warmer.

– Skin looked more moisturized/dewy even without using any lotions or oils

– Better digestion

And, not to say that any of the above were ever a particular problem for me, but I’d say there was significant improvement when I was consistently brushing, as opposed to not brushing.

If any of you dry brush or have tried it, I’d love to hear results!

Ciao for now!


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